#Startup the console... rails console #or whatever you need we have multiple environments so we're using rails console staging dc = Dalli::Client.new('localhost:11211') #will return something like => #Dalli::Client:0x0000001e1f2340 @servers="localhost:11211", @options={}, @ring=nil #then, dc.flush_all # should return => [true] #quick and dirty Read More

open terminal, put yourself in your home dir with ~/ open your profile with nano .bash_profile on a new line add export CUSTOM_PATH=/Users/me/target_directory control+o, then control+x to save and exit the file restart machine enjoi Read More

It doesn't bug me that this doesn't adhere to standards, not today anyway. what does bug me is ten blogs have this with the wrong syntax. Not this site though, Thanks! Read More

Lately I have been working on a flex app that loads tons of swf's. When it started, It was never designed to load other Flex apps. All was well for a time until we received the go ahead to build ...Read More

rss just delivered this to me from Bumpslide and very happy to see it. Not having dataBinding in Flash after spending enough time leveraging it in Flex, makes me think anything from "why?" to "AAAARRRRGGH!!!" looking forward to giving it ...Read More

This one threw me.  I just could not get the embedded fonts to show up in a TextArea component.  My long standing dislike of the components in Flash slowed me down this time around. Alas, Peter deHaan at actionscriptexamples posted ...Read More